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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal tv-11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. our big story, the orioles postseason push hits a bump in the road. while the orioles are in the playoffs, the chances of a division title is now an uphill battle. they trailed 9-1 in the ninth when chris davis hit a homerun.
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the orioles could not complete the come out, losing 5-3. they are still thrilled the 14- year playoff drought is over. you can share your spirit to night at power plant life. there is a rally scheduled from 6:00-8:00. despite a solid team on the field, some fans crowded the return -- credit to the return of the bird for bringing back the magic. >> absolutely it is the bird. absolutely, and this is what brought it back. >> i have never stopped, never stopped. i got laughed at and now people in my work say hey, the orioles are doing great. >> orioles a a chances of winning the series are 14-1
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according to oddsmakers, compared to 150-one of the start of the season. the orioles are one game behind the yankees in the a.l. east, but if they and the series tied, there will be a one game tiebreaker. tickets for that potential game went on sale today. from noon until 2:00, and tickets are on sale to the viewing area. the ticket sale is an attempt to pack the stadium with orioles fans instead of yankees fans. i would say that is a good call. >> pretty messy day out there. we have had rain showers off throughout the morning, now continuing into the afternoon. as we look at hd doppler, still heavier bouts of rain north of baltimore city. . another store north of gaithersburg that could move back into the metro area.
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3:03 p.m., that is your best chance to see showers and even thunderstorms. temperatures will be in the low 70's. towards 9:00, the rain chances decrease significantly, but there are still chances tonight. we will talk about that and the seven day when we come back. >> a baltimore city police officer was rushed to shock trauma after an accident this morning. we are told he was driving his department issued motorcycle and was on his way to the training facility when he lost control and hit the wall. the officer is in good condition. 10 years ago, two snipers struck fear in the hearts of maryland residents. the shootings spark a three week search for the killers that in the end of 10 lives.
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>> the shootings terrorize the washington, d.c. area. over 21 days, two men shot 13 people, killing 10 of them. lee malvo was just a teenager at the time. he was sentenced to life in prison because the jurors believed he was under muhammed's control. 10 years later, he says he has changed. >> if you look up the definition, that is what a monster is. >> the two chose their victims at random and shot them from the trunk of their car. >> i am sorry. i am sorry.
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there is no way to express that. what am i going to tell them? >> 1 killing stands out in his memory. linda franklin, an fbi analyst, was shot and killed in a home depot parking lot. muhammed was on a hill nearby. malvo gave the signal to shoot. he recounts the pain and devastation in her husband's eyes. >> it was the worst pain i have ever seen in my life. the worst. >> ed payne reporting. >> a baltimore county firefighter is behind bars, charged with sexually assaulting two teenage boys. police say the assault happened in june. a 14-year-old boy came forward last week and identified the alleged attacker as 23-year-old anthony cottle. the firefighter was staying with
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the boy's family when he allegedly abused the teenager and his friend. investigators are worried there may be more victims. >> based on what we are hearing from the victim and other people that are being interviewed by our detectives, we believe there may be more victims. >> cottle is suspended without pay and is being held at a detention center on $150,000 bail. baltimore county police have arrested two suspects in connection with an abduction and sexual assault. investigators tell the 11 news the female victim was waiting for a bus in west view. one suspect armed with a gun drove up in a vehicle and pull the victim inside. police say the woman was sexually assaulted and then dropped off at an undisclosed area in the county. shoes taken to the hospital for
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treatment, and -- she was taken to the hospital for treatment and now investigators are trying to determine if this is related to a similar attack last tuesday. there, detectives say the man stole her money, i'd be in camera and released her unharmed. -- identification and camera, and released her unharmed. investigators say a victim was forced into a vehicle just after 6:30 p.m. monday. they are unsure if this incident is related to the cases in baltimore county. just ahead, residents show their outrage over plans for a park. plus, both presidential candidates run through a mock debates before tomorrow night's showdown. we will have a preview. first, a massive fire in new
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>> in massive fire burning in western new york. fire crews battled the blaze which consumed a large building this morning. there were concerns the building might collapse.
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in commitment 2012, both the presidential candidates are taking a day off the campaign trail to prepare for their first big debate tomorrow night. president obama and mitt romney are running through full dress rehearsals to hone their talking points. meanwhile, romney is hoping to pick up a few votes with an endorsement from football great, john elway. the president has the lead in all nine key battleground states, including ohio, which begins early balloting today. >> mitt romney's task is difficult, because he has to redefine himself as well as redefining the erection. >> the first debate -- redefining the election. >> the first debate is scheduled for tomorrow night. coming up, the holiday sales forecast is out. while retailers -- why retailers
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expect a profit. >> a lot of rain trekking along the east coast. we will talk about how long it will last. stay tuned for the details. plus, a live look of the beltway. a lot of rain out there. a lot of rain out there.
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> baltimore city officials to address concerns about paving part of a park. it calls for a new loop and roadmap adding 96 parking spots. it would also a comedy -- also accommodate a recreation center. the opponents say would cut down
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on green space. >> we would like more parking, but not to the extent they are proposing. >> there are three more meetings scheduled to address concerns. a petition against the proposal has gathered more than 300 signatures. in our consumer alert, baltimore city police issue a warning to residents after they say three men posing as water department workers entered an elderly woman's home. the homeowner was not hurt and no property was taken. investigators believe the men were chasing the home for valuables and planned to return later. always ask for identification if a city worker tries to enter your home. if you are thinking of doing some early holiday shopping, later today we will get a look at how big experts expect holiday sales to be. projections could show good news
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for shops and for shoppers. >> not as brisk as last christmas, the national retail federation expects holiday sales to increase this year. >> sales will increase by 4.1%, which is almost $6 billion. that is the highest forecast we have put out any time over the last five years. >> it is a far cry from the depths of the great recession in 2008-2009 when retail went in reverse. but there are high gas prices, the soft housing and a struggling job market that will keeps shoppers from their appointed rounds this year. >> we're confident that if the administration would resolve these issues this four 0.1% projection would be quite a bit higher. >> the projections line up with others to include the international council of shopping centers and all also agree online sales will climb
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another 12%-15% this year over last. while encouraging news to retailers, the unemployed have even more reason to be excited. >> we are expecting seasonal hires of approximately 600,000. could be as high as 625,000. >> that is comparable to the 607,000 hired last year. >> now, your e 11 insta-weather meteorologistwith neurologist ava marie. >> take it easy on the road this afternoon. there will be a lot of rain in the area.
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even though the bulk of the rain has pass north of us, we are still going to get isolated pockets of showers and maybe even thunderstorms. we are not done with the rain just yet. i do want to show you the temperatures real quick. this paint a good picture of how complicated it can be. annapolis is 74 degrees. bwi is 65. almost a 10 degree difference. right where we have all the cloud cover and most of the rain shower, the temperatures have had a hard time warming up. as you get down toward the eastern shore, they have been able to warm up a lot more. anywhere from baltimore to the north, you're likely to be stuck in the 60's through the majority of the day. current weather pattern showing a warm front missing the
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northern inland said. that is what -- a warm front in the northern atlantic. that is what is causing all of the showers right now. once this moves away, we get a break from all the rain. then we will have to watch joe for a cold front. this will make its way out of the dakotas. it is a powerful one with cold air behind it. you could see big changes in the temperatures as we look into next week. first, i want to show you all the rain in the east. this stretches all the way along 95 into jersey and new york city. more rain along the carolina coast line. that is the west side. it is a little more isolated. this is good news. it means the rain should be tapering off tonight. the bulk of the rain moving toward the north. it will be scattered in nature if we see anything. through the late-night hours, most of it will be centered on
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the eastern shore rather than over baltimore. right now, we have seen the worst of the rain and it should ease up as we go into tonight. forecast, with showers early on an isolated late into the night, we drop into the 50's and 60's. tomorrow, maybe the low 80's with thunderstorms possible. that takes us to the seven-day forecast. we will have to watch out for a storm this weekend and we could drop into the 60's behind it next week. >> carrie engle from valley view farm's is here. how are you doing? you brought a miss. >> this is our pumpkin, a 1,509 pound pumpkin. we have nicknamed him the moose.
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the first saturday in november, we cut open the pumpkin and count all the seeds in it. >> take a trip to value for that. we have some questions about moms. how do you keep them from dying in hanging pots? >> they are relatively small, such as water them every day. we have to do that at work. i am sure people have to do that at home. >> very simple instructions. i have heard. ingrid of holly and id cuts down on mosquito -- i have heard that getting rid of hly and ivy cuts down on mosquitos. that is a weedalle killer. dow the little bit unique on the theof the cut and it killes
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plant bove rest of the way back. >> dimension -- dab the little bit you need on the end of the cut and it kills the plant the rest of the way back. weedgluten is a naturall killer. there is a company called gluten farms that puts out an organic weed killer. there are a lot of other ones out there. make sure you're getting the right product for the right plant and that is safe for your pet. >> coming up next, your of maryland lottery numbers. but first, a look at how wall street is performin
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>> a lot can go wrong while racing down a road like this on a skateboard, but they probably did not expect this. the der crashed into the skateboarder as he was traveling
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about 40 miles per hour. both rolled off the road. neither were heard. tonight at 5:00, two arrests in a terrifying abduction in baltimore county, but the case is all but closed. investigators are looking into whether a recent case is related. dozens of animals found dead in a home. they range from ducks to quell to kinkajou. we it comes to baltimore tomorrow. wait -- wicked comes to baltimore tomorrow. we take a look behind the stage. >> your picked three numbers are 8, 9 as printed on the ball and four. that makes your pick free
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numbers 8, 9, 4. the maryland lottery is introducing the big four quarter, though. the base bet is only $0.25. more details at you're picked four numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8. the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> ava is back. when is the rain coming back? >> the worst is happening now. it will start to ease up tonight. it will be isolated tomorrow, much better thursday and friday. temperatures will drop next week. >> thank you. thank you for joining us.
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be sure to watch tonight's 5:00.
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